Quality meats and a personal service at the best prices

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Whether you choose one of our freezer packs, a BBQ pack or catering supplies for your business, all of our meat products are prepared with care and attention to detail to ensure that you're satisfied every time you get a delivery.

Responsibly sourced

All of our meat, game and poultry is sourced from top quality suppliers who all care about providing meat of the highest standard. We know exactly where each piece of meat comes from, so if you're in any doubt, just ask our staff.

-  Everything comes from EC approved suppliers

-  Fully monitored by the Food Standards Agency

-  Hygienic premises and strict butchery guidelines and practices

In partnership with grade A reputable suppliers

"Wouldn't go anywhere else."

- S. Hale


"Great meat, good bargains."

- K. Garfitt

Prepared and packed to your specifications

We all remember the 'beef scandal' of recent years. When you choose to buy your meat and poultry from Prospect House Farm, you can be sure that you're getting top quality products from local grade A registered and licensed suppliers.

We have in-depth knowledge of all our meat products

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