Quality meats and a personal service at the best prices

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You'll find that all the staff at Prospect House Farm are friendly, helpful and very professional. We've got the knowledge and the skills to ensure that all of our meat products are of the highest quality and packed properly to ensure that you get them in tip-top condition.

We do home deliveries too

And we haven't forgotten about our individual customers. We offer local delivery for our famous meat packs. All of our products are delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible so you'll get our top quality meat to your plates in no time at all.

-  Lamb, pork and beef, game and venison

-  Rabbit, wild boar, pigeon, pheasant and fowl

-  Duck, chicken and turkey too

Delivered direct to your business

"Great meat, always fab and fantastic service."

- A. Bedford


"Meat is now half price! My wife says the owner's a bit dishy too!"

- J. McLean

And customer service that's second to none

If you're a caterer, a restaurant owner, a nursing home or school, you'll love the fact that we deliver all of our meat and poultry products throughout South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, North Derbyshire and North Nottinghamshire.

A fantastic range of meat, poultry and game

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